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marți, 28 septembrie 2010

Deformed Puzzle

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  1. That's a real coincidence, I was jogging the other day in the gym and saw the reflections of a window in a distance building from the thread mill. The window has 16 panels of such puzzle like reflections but unfortunately cameras are not allowed in the gym ! Yours are beautifully done !

  2. Interesanta abordare. Secvente cotidiene inchegate intr-un cadru...e cumva fatada unei cladiri?

  3. Original this picture! Bravo for your ideas!
    Bye !!

  4. @april:da e o fatada de cladire. ma tot uit de vreo 2 ani de cind am vazut faza cum se joaca imaginea in fata cladirii asteia e blocul meu si e fain de vazut cum de la un etaj la altul reflexiile se schimba. poza am facut-o de curind pt ca pina acu o bucata de vreme era o reclama de-alungul gemurilor si nu puteam prinde tot tronsonul.
    @Wong Ching Wah:thank you for visit again. the coincidence are everywhere.In many ocasion i quit my intetion to upload one pictures because i saw the same ideea at one of the site i follow.fate.
    @mahon:thank you. thank you.